Join JetPack Nutrition today to achieve your health and happiness goals. We offer easy to choose meal prep plans for losing, maintaining, and gaining weight, as well as muscle and fitness contest prep plans. JetPack Nutrition keeps every client excited about eating, staying healthy, and feeling good. Discover the benefits of our meal prep services chino. JetPack feeds you right.



Jet is the founder and owner of JetPack Nutrition utilizing his experience as an IFBB Physique Pro and Contest Prep Diet Coach to help formulate meals along with his team of Meal Prep Masters.

If you haven’t met Executive Chef, Chino You Peng, in person, his charisma and personality surely shines through his food. He can be described as a firecracker that does not hold back with anything he does. His brutal honesty can make you think twice, especially about your goals. His passion and enthusiasm for fitness and bodybuilding are contagious. He always seems to be full of energy and excitement—especially if it has to do with eating or preparing food)

When you see Jet and Chino, you may wonder where they are from, and if they are real Ninjas (kidding), but they do get asked that quite a bit. Chino is actually a native of Cambodia. The story of his early childhood is truly heart wrenching, as he and his family were survivors of the Cambodian Genocide under the Khmer Rouge. You would never guess he has been through such atrocities when you see Chinos sculpted physique today.

Not only has Chino worked over the years to shape his body, but he has also perfectly engineered his culinary background. Although he holds a BSN in Business, he has spent the majority of his adult life traveling, learning and growing as a classically trained chef. Culinary school was only the tip of the iceberg. Eventually, he discovered that his passion and creativity were leading him into the fitness industry. He decided to pursue the sport of Body Building and became a nationally qualified athlete! But this was not enough. He needed to incorporate his talents, creativity, and mastery of the art of food. Chino Slice Exclusives are his own concept, without limitations.

This isn’t just another meal prep company to help you lose weight. The JetPack Nutrition team is here to partner with you in achieving your health goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, want to save time with meal prep, or you have a very specific fitness goal, JetPack Nutrition is the meal prep company for you. Lose weight, get fit, and feel great with meal prep services chino from JetPack Nutrition.

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Our commitment

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We exist to provide direction, nutritional solutions and to empower our clients with physical and mental results. We will do this by delivering fresh nutritional meals, dietary awareness, execution support, and services and by creating partnerships with new and existing clients to reach short and long-term fitness endeavors. Only as our clients succeed in meeting their goals do we succeed in ours. The success of our client’s health and time efficacy dictates the growth of success for JetPack Nutrition. As we are masters of our craft and we want you to maximize the time needed to master your craft.

At JetPack Nutrition we strive to provide high quality meals and nutritional solutions to maintain long-term relationships with clients and attract potential new clients through our meal prep services chino. Our staff is surrounded in an innovative and oriented work atmosphere to ensure excellent service and products.

Our advantages

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Never give up comfort foods with our clean eating options

Indulge in comfort foods while achieving weight loss with JetPack Nutrition. Chef Chino's diverse menu, from Waffles to Shepherd’s Pie, brings childhood nostalgia. Our meals provide a balanced nutrient intake, ensuring you know exactly what you're eating. Chef Chino crafts recipes that evoke the flavors you love, making clean eating a joyful experience. JetPack is committed to helping you succeed in your goals because your happiness brings us joy.

Jetpack is more than just a meal prep company

JetPack Nutrition's appeal lies in the delicious and creative food that clients love. Chef Chino invites you to experience one meal, promising your satisfaction. Beyond weight management meals, our philosophy emphasizes building relationships and caring for your long-term well-being. Join JetPack to gain a committed partner in achieving your goals, envisioning success as you progress. It's not easy, but with time, the end product only gets better.

Lose weight with Jetpack Nutrition

Getting a weekly meal delivery from JetPack Nutrition never feels like being on a restrictive diet. We take the ‘die’ out of diet. You will notice your energy increase, your body will feel better, and eventually you will lose weight. Stick to the plan and you’ll be satisfied. We believe in this so much that Chef Will guarantees 100% satisfaction in reaching your goals.

need meal prep for a fitness competition?

If you are on a custom eating plan supervised by a physician or by a qualified trainer, JetPack Nutrition can prepare your food for you. We offer a Contest Prep Plan in which you choose your portion sizes for every meal’s proteins, carbs, and vegetables. Meals come with limited ingredients, low sodium, and no sauces. Some of our clients include professional bodybuilders, pro athletes, and young adults focusing on athletics.


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Product Review

Jetpack is the best meal prep service ever by far, they’re so dedicated to the process and the commitment to quality is evident in each meal plan. It feels like homemade food. The prices are great and the food is delicious. Highly recommend!

Michael Manuele

Product Review

I have been using JetPack for years and total I have lost over 70+ pounds eating their food. Nutrition is 90+% the battle to weight control and eating their meals makes it very simple. I also have to watch my sugar which is simple with JetPack meal service. Highly Recommended and the owner(s) and staff are extremely supportive of my journey.

Maya McIntyre

Product Review

Hands down BEST meal prep company in Jacksonville!!!! Make sure you stop by and check them out believe me you won't be disappointed

Ana Caputo-Forster

Product Review

Their food is amazing and incredibly satisfying! I find myself not craving junk food and have lost 30 pounds! Hiiiiighly recommend Jet Pack! And with the price of food these days, it’s helped me save money too!