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Join JetPack Nutrition today to achieve your health and happiness goals. We offer easy to choose meal prep plans for losing, maintaining, and gaining weight, as well as muscle and fitness contest prep plans. JetPack Nutrition keeps every client excited about eating, staying healthy, and feeling good. JetPack feeds you right.


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Lean Down

This is a low glycemic plan in nature, controlling sugar levels which is the key to fat loss and overall well-being. 20-25 GRAMS OF PROTEIN 20-25 GRAMS OF CARBS SINGLE SERVING OF VEGGIES/

I Want Lean Down

Lifestyle Performance

Geared towards high performance athletes seeking more calories for energy to sustain intense and rigorous training. 35-40 GRAMS OF PROTEIN DOUBLE CARBS SINGLE SERVING OF VEGGIES/

I Want Performance

Lifestyle Bulk

Our largest packed meals for the biggest eaters or individuals looking to add on mass. 45-50 GRAMS OF PROTEIN TRIPLE CARBS SINGLE SERVING OF VEGGIES/

I Want Lifestyle Bulk

Jetpack the best meal prep company ever by far, Heather is so dedicated to the process and commitment to quality is evident in each meal. It feels like home made food, The prices are great and the food is delicious. Highly recommend

Jacqueline | Product Review

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Constantly being on-the-go, I was looking for an easier, time saving, and more convenient way to prep my meals, but also being mindful of my nutritional intake. JetPack calculates my food portions and has made it possible for a healthier life style change. The meals are outstanding and are to die for! Their friendly staff are always so welcoming and provide great customer service.

Marin Neak | Product Review

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