My Meal Prep Story: Dara

my meal prep story daraSubmitted by JetPack Customer: Dara Gourley

Like most Americans, my husband and I are busy people. We run two businesses and do not have time to prepare healthy, balanced meals. As both of our businesses began to thrive, we started eating out 5-7 meals a week. When I could get to the store to buy groceries to prepare meals at home, it would take 3-4 hours from the time I left until I washed the last dish. I was going to the store several times a week, plus eating out to avoid throwing away a bunch of groceries we never cooked.

After going through our receipts and statements one month, we quickly realized we were spending way too many resources on food. When I say “too many resources”, let me break down the numbers for you:

Eating Out
On a meal for 2, we would spend an average of $35, totaling $175 on the weeks we ate out 5 times.

Eating In
We would spend an average of $75 every time we went to the store. Most weeks, we would go to the store twice totaling $150 for the week. I also had to factor in the 8 hours of going to the store, cooking and cleaning. Since we bill by the hour in both of our businesses, that time away from the office adds up quick.

Total per Week
$275 in cash, and a minimum of $500 in hours spent not working

Once we ran the numbers it was pretty easy to see that meal prep was a very affordable solution for our family. After trying a few different companies, we quickly learned that not all meal prep companies are the same. Most of the companies did not have a good variety of meals, and even when they did, the meals would taste the same after a few weeks. By far, JetPack Nutrition is the best quality and best price on the market. The people behind the brand are incredible motivators to help me stay on track.

Every week, my family orders the Lean Down Performance Plan through JetPack’s subscription service and I love what I am eating each day. Just reading the menu makes me hungry. This excitement keeps me from snacking and eating out more than 1-2 times a week. I am able to maintain a healthy weight, which is 25 pounds below what I have weighed for most of my life. I have defined muscle tone without even having to workout. I order extra meals each week so we can provide them for our employees. It keeps them at the office working, and the healthy, nutritious meals help them stay focused and motivated throughout the day. Healthy food really does make a happy life. Thank you JetPack!

About JetPack Nutrition
JetPack Nutrition is a meal prep company in Jacksonville, Florida. The company was founded by Jet who has years of experience as an IFFB Physique Pro and Contest Prep Diet Coach. He uses his experience to formulate meals along with his team of meal prep masters. Among those masters is Jet’s brother Chino. Chino is the executive chef and has a long history in the culinary arts and bodybuilding competitions. You will never have to give up eating comfort foods with JetPack’s delicious menu, including meals like Waffles, Quiches, Shephard’s Pie, and Fried Chicken.

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